1822 - The Post Office
Coventry History

The first post office was established in 1822, but it was not located in the new village. The office began to do business on May 22 in the house of Isaac Parker who resided at "the center", today's "four corners" where Coventry Station Rd. meets Airport Rd. Parker was the postmaster for the first 6 years until the office was moved to the village in 1828.

The office began to do business May 22, 1822. Until that time, residents of Coventry had their mail accommodations at Brownington office. The route by which the new office was supplied had its termini at Burlington and Derby, between which points the mail was carried once a week each way, for a few months by Elijah Burroughs and then for some years by Daniel Davidson of Craftsbury. This was quite sufficient to meet the necessities of the people at that time, as may be judged from the fact that the whole receipts of the office for the first year were only $10,57, and that the whole receipts in the 6 years, 1 month and 2 days, during which Mr. Parker was postmaster, were $133,30.

Pliny White, History of Coventry, Vt.

Burr Map 1839
Orleans County Postal Routes 1839 - Burr (1)

At the village the post office was opened within Elijah Cleveland's store in the summer of 1828 and Loring Frost was appointed postmaster. By 1839 postal traffic on the Coventry route had expanded dramatically. It was by now classified as a 4-Horse Mail Post Coach road for it's entire length from Burlington to Derby.

Coventry Postmasters
Isaac Parker
May 22,1822
Issac Parker residence at "the center"
Loren Frost
June 12,1828 Elijah Cleveland & Co. store in the village
Elijah Cleveland

Holland Thrasher
Calvin Harmon

Mar 22,1845
Greenleaf Boynton
Apr 6,1861

Isaac Parker Jr.
Oct 21,1861 East Coventry

For almost 35 years the village post office served the residents of Coventry well. But a second office was established back at the center to serve the people on the east side of town. It operated out of Isaac Parker Jr's house and he was appointed it's postmaster in October of 1861. By the 1870's mail was being transported between East Coventry and the village by stage with a long succession of drivers including Leon Vinton, Milo Hancock, William Thurber and Melvin Willey.

Isaac Parker's House
The East Coventry Post Office behind Isaac Parker's House (2)

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