1844 - The Orleans County Agricultural Society
Coventry History

In December of 1843 a call went out to the farmers of Orleans county to form an agricultural society. The very first meeting was to be held in Coventry on January 10, 1844 at the Inn of S.B. Sanford.

Public notice for the first meeting of the Orleans County Agricultural Society

Some farmers felt that with its "slow and uncertain march of improvement", agriculturaly Vermont was lagging behind the rest of the country. By forming a society, information could be shared with the aim of "improving our soil, stock and other privileges".

For some reason the planned meeting date was postponed and the actual first meeting took place two months later on March 6. From Coventry, Elijah Cleveland was elected Treasurer, and Isaac Parker was named to the Executive Committee. The Society made plans for it's first Annual Fair and Cattle Show and Exhibition of Manufactures which was held, also in Coventry on October 1, 1844. Appointed to head up the Exhibition from Coventry were miller Emore Daily on Wheat, former postmaster Loring Frost on Yearlings, State Representative Josiah Wheelock on Colts, and Thomas Baldwin on Sheep.

"The annual Fair and Cattle show of this society, was holden at Coventry on Tuesday, the first day of October. The day was as fine as could be wished, and the meeting was called to order at an early hour. At 10 O'Clock, S.B.Colby Esq., eloquently addressed the society in a style which is unrivalled by any other we have ever heard on that subject. We were pleased to see such a vast assembly, together with so much good order and unity among the agriculturalists and Manufacturers of Old Orleans."

The spirit of improvement has at last been awakened and every one present seemed determined it should never again grow dormant. Every town in the County was well represented, annd almost every representative brought some production of their labor and industry. - T.W.Holland, Chairman of the Committee on Swine"

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