1839 - Abolitionists In Coventry
Coventry History

From the VOICE OF FREEDOM, Montpelier, VT Feb 2, 1839

The Orleans County Anti-Slavery Society held its semi-annual meeting at Coventry - S.C.Crafts in the chair. Prayer by Rev. S.M.Willson. Singing by the Choir, "The Lord Is King," &c. The society then listened to an address by Hon. D.M.Camp, after which they passed the following resolutions:

Resolved, That slavery, as it exists in the United States, is a gross and wanton violation of God's law, and an outrage upon the rights of man.

Resovled, That the continuance of this vile system endangers the integrity of the Union, and keeps in continual jeopardy the liberty of this nation, now but in part free.

Resoved, That we indignantly cast from us the gag resolution of the 13th Dec. last, vainly attempted to be imposed upon the freemen of the North by a degenerate son of the granite state, who has proved basely recreant to the freedom of his own native hills.

Resolved, That it is the duty of the public press, and especially of the pulpit, to be vigilant in arousing the attention of the people of this nation, and turning their eyes to the smouldering volcano, upon which they are so supinely reposing: and to instruct men that the displeasure of the Almighty cannot be averted, except by bringing forth fruits meet for repentance.

Resolved, That, placing our dependance upon the Divine aid, we will continue our efforts in this holy cause until a jubilee is proclaimed to the enslaved of all nations.

Resolved, That we recommend to abolitionists to patronize the Voice Of Freedom.

Resolved, That the thanks of this society be tendered Lieut. Gov. Camp for his able and appropriate address, and that a copy be requested for the Voice of Freedom.

Voted, that the doings of this meeting be signed by the President and Secretary, and published in the Voice of Freedom.

Sam'l C. Crafts, President
A. Stimson Secretary
Coventry, Jan 18, 1839

1. The Voice of Freedom, Feb 2, 1839, Montpelier, Vt.