1847 - A Tour Through Coventry
Coventry History

In 1847, the north road out of Coventry towards Newport and Troy was featured in an article titled "Notes Of A Tour In Vermont" by one "P.Q.". Printed in the Vermont Journal of Windsor, Vermont, it was a brief description of the rough, still new countryside between Coventry and Troy.

The Ride

"Leaving Irasburg, you will have a meandering road to Coventry Falls, and in your journey onward to Troy, you will certainly wonder that any man should think Vermont an old state, and its soil all "used up". There are hills, valleys, and forests yet new, and soil untouched, though not so easily cultivated, perhaps, or so extremely fertile as western lands.

To the traveller, indeed, these new roads, with log bridges, are not the most welcome, but the wild woods, the singing birds, the lively streams, where spring "the silver trout" - these are welcome in a hot summer day. And then the novel sights one sees who comes from an older town, will so amuse as to make one quite good natured - jars and jolts, "ups and downs" notwithstanding.

The saw-mill perched on some precipice, down which rush the noisy waters, tells us the yankee is hereabouts. His rough log-hut, his little patch of cleared ground, and diverse "fixins" for a livelihood you see yonder, while the woods ring with the sports and - of his blessed "responsibiles".

Every thing has the appearance of a new country. The forest seems just to have been entered. The first framed houses are just going up, while the primitive log hut stands close by, hardly vacated." (2)

1. Illustration from Marco Paul's Voyages and Travels: Vermont, Jacob Abbott, 1852
2. The Vermont Journal, Windsor, Vt., November 12, 1847